Should you suffer a fire at your premises / property, your insurance will pay for our expertise and we will reduce your insurance claim life cycle by rectifying the fire damage as quickly as possible without major disruption.


We understand that in the case of fire damage to your property, you need to move around, start to organise work, supervise repairs and decontamination etc, without getting dirty. A1 MasterClean restores the whole property in one go, reducing the need for alternative accommodation and ensures the process is as stress-free as possible for you.


We can reduce costs for yourself and any insurance claim by removing some fire residues and smoke damage successfully with a natural rubber sponge. This is used to remove light soot residues from wallpaper and matt emulsion, and in many cases avoid the need for redecoration. It is also valuable when used on fabrics and documents as well as building structures. The sponge is used without any liquid and absorbs the soot into itself.


We adapt our techniques to meet your restoration needs. Our technical teams have the experience and local resources to devise innovative solutions to resolve fire damage and smoke damage.

We make premises that suffer from smoke damage or fire damage safer, whilst always conforming to COSHH. Safe for you to visit and plan repair work – safe for the building trades to visit and prepare their estimates.

For More Information On our Fire & Smoke Damage Services, Call : 0115 984 4757