Although flood damage may initially appear to be less devastating than fire, there are a number of factors that have to be dealt with before buildings can be restored. The effects of water damage, if left untreated immediately after a flood, can be potentially hazardous both to property and health.

A1 MasterClean are experts in this area, and deliver flood water damage repair services to both domestic and commercial customers. We are fully equipped to carry out clearing of flood water, drying and dehumidifying buildings, mould, damp and bacteria removal, and then preparing to make good damage. We can offer fast and effective measures to minimise further loss from the effects of damp, mildew or mould.


Mildew and mould can develop quickly in rooms that have been flooded and not dried out and dehumidified properly. It is unsightly and difficult to treat if ignored for any length of time.

We work hard to minimise and reduce secondary damage such as swelling of wood and mould (mold) growth from water. We are able to quickly remove laying water, reduce the humidity, eliminate mould (mold) and prevent secondary water damage. As the cost of any insurance claims can increase significantly if secondary damage continues to occur and preventative action is not taken.

A1MasterClean work with you to ensure we return your property to its former condition, working to your schedule with minimum disruption; you are back up and running in no time at all.

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