Your home is normally dry – much dryer than outside, and therefore mould free. After a flood or water damage, this changes. Mould spores and bacteria are all around – and thrive on a moisture rich environment. Mould spores especially love dark places where water may be trapped and where they can quickly multiply. Your home is normally clean but dirty flood water or sewage changes this, finding its way into every small crack and crevice – creating the perfect breeding ground.


Damage to materials is one concern, however, when mould is growing inside the home, there may be health concerns. Health experts indicate that, depending on the type of mould present in a home, the amount and degree of exposure, and the health condition of the occupant, the health effects of toxic mould (mold) can range from being insignificant, to causing allergic reactions and illness.


A1MasterClean understand the risks associated with mould and bacterial infestations. Our team work to remove the unhealthy material and applying a filtration system and sanitizing treatment. Reducing the humidity by releasing trapped moisture from within the property, once dry and safe again, it is then ready for redecoration and other repairs.


A dry building is a safe building and A1MasterClean never compromise on safety.


Mould (mold) in your home or workplace can trigger asthma and other respiratory illnesses and brings infection risk, especially for anyone with a suppressed immune system.


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